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DroneHive is the leading drone service provider for aerial data collection. We help businesses around the globe by facilitating the collection of actionable aerial data that enables them to make better and more efficient operational decisions without the time, cost, complexities, or burden of an internal aviation department.

DroneHive is the leading drone service provider for businesses across the globe. We manage the collection of aerial data while also providing end-to-end services such as ensuring FAA licensing and safety compliance, providing insurance coverage, and UAS-related consulting.

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Our robust network of pilots provides our clients local resources across the globe. Our pilots are FAA certified and fully vetted by our in-house experts to ensure you receive the highest quality data and superior customer service.

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We’ll deliver your aerial data the same day it is collected. If you need help with analysis, mapping, or guidance, DroneHive also provides consulting services from our team of experts. We support you every step of the way.

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We’ll provide you boots-on-the-ground support with local resources no matter where you are located, whether you require one flight or many.


DroneHive was able to seamlessly integrate into our system testing workflow here at Skydio. Their expertise helped to ensure that R1 was tested and ready for consumers.

Pat Stahl

Head of Marketing


DroneHive pilots have allowed us to scale our UAV operations in a flexible way. We can test new drone applications without committing large amounts of our resources away from critical and ongoing tasks.

Kingsley Chen

UAV Flight Operations Coordinator
SunPower Corporation

Construction and Development Solutions Inc.

Working with DroneHive has been an all-around great experience. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and amenable to the dynamics of a construction project. DroneHive’s dedication to safety, compliance, and efficiencies has always been first class.

Liam Ranney

Project Manager
Construction and Development Solutions Inc.


Working with DroneHive has really helped Truebeck streamline our drone program. Their pilots are reliable, professional and communicate well with our project teams. Hiring DroneHive allows our project teams to have good deliverables without having to find time to fly and process the data.

Justin Porter

Senior VDC Manager

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