“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It is about doing more good.” – Jochen Zeitz, CEO Harley-Davidson

As a company, we want to help promote environmental sustainability and minimize our environmental footprint. We have seen the negative impacts of climate change on our oceans and land. We have firsthand experienced natural disasters, such as the California wildfires, which devastated humans and wildlife alike. We want our children to enjoy the same splendor of nature and enjoy the healthy lifestyles that we do, but it is more than that: we believe we are all connected and we need to do our part to preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come.

DroneHive has implemented a variety of programs focused on environmental sustainability including:

  • Developing and distributing “Environmental Sustainability Guidelines”
  • Reducing waste, including at job sites, trade shows and events
  • Working remotely whenever possible to reduce carbon emissions
  • Partnering with a major environmental non-profit to provide volunteer drone work
  • Selecting and working with partners and suppliers who are like-minded

We understand these are relatively small steps to offset a major global challenge. We believe that every contribution helps and with the collective power of our drone operators, we hope to make a significant impact for the future of our planet.

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