From renewable energy to fossil fuel production, aerial data collected by DroneHive provides real-time, accurate information and can help increase efficiency and safety.


An engineering firm mitigating risk for an energy company needed to survey spill pathways for petroleum storage tanks for a multinational energy company. Periodic maintenance inspections keep the multinational energy company in compliance with regulatory ordinances for potential spills and leaks.  This activity was assigned to a regional engineering firm specializing in petroleum facility safety management.


DroneHive sourced, onboarded, trained, and managed a team of expert local remote pilots to fly automated aerial surveys of the tank farm to create photogrammetric models of the 200+ acre oil and gas tank storage site over 2 days.  The specialist pilot teams were trained on the aircraft and autonomous flight planning software by DroneHive project management.


  • The remote pilot in command onsite flew a UAS rotocoptor at 150’ AGL over the 200+ acre facility
  • These mapping missions created a high resolution 2D orthomosiac map of the facility along with 3D photogrammetric models of the tanks and spllways
  • RTK (real time kinesis) and ground control points were utilized to achieve centimeter level ground survey accuracy
  • DroneHive vetted and ensured appropriate certifications and authorizations were in place to operate on highly regulated oil and gas facilities and sites
  • Data was processed by a third party specializing in digital twin and photogrammetry
  • Auditable surveys for asset owners were provided


The engineering firm was successful in meeting the required deliverable for the bi-annual inspection and safety audit of the facility, while increasing safety, saving time and cost of the inspection when compared to traditional inspection.  In addition, the energy company minimized the downtime of the facility and personnel saving a very significant impact of downtime on the site and the revenue generating capacity of the facility’s operation.

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