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As the leading provider of expert services for aerial data collection, we help global corporations collect accurate, actionable data, enabling them to make better & more efficient operational decisions without the time, cost, complexities or burden of an internal aviation department.

Founded in 2016, DroneHive, Inc. is based out of Park City, UT and currently manages a robust network of skilled, certified drone pilots across the globe to collect actionable aerial data for businesses. These businesses hire DroneHive to facilitate the collection of aerial data (videos/images), which are typically used for inspections, analysis, marketing and operational surveillance. DroneHive not only recruits, vets, and manages certified drone pilots, but also provides end-to-end services to its clients such as ensuring Federal Aviation Administration licensing and safety compliance, providing insurance coverage, and managing the project until the data is delivered to the client.

Certification of drone pilots is required under FAA regulation and DroneHive’s vetting standard prerequisites enable assignment of the best pilots according to job specifications and difficulties. The industries that require drone aerial data collection are vast and DroneHive’s expertise is compromised of construction, energy, telecom, utilities, insurance, civil/environmental engineering, agricultural, real estate, and property management companies. Businesses choose to outsource drone pilots versus hiring internally because managing pilots, hardware, and compliance is costly, laborious, and challenging. The ROI for DroneHive’s clients has been made clear time and time again. Browse through industry specific case studies to learn more about DroneHive’s results. Whether you need one flight or many, DroneHive can help.

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