Using advanced scouting technology to survey more acreage with faster results than traditional farm tools, farmers can produce higher yields.


This particular DroneHive client provides advanced agricultural analytics software to farms throughout the United States, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and South Africa. In order to perform their analysis on these farms, they require extremely detailed aerial data to be collected throughout the growing seasons.



Collect aerial data on specialty crop farms throughout the growing season to create analysis through their software platform.


DroneHive supplied expert remote pilots throughout North America, Central America and South America to fly multirotor UAS drones equipped with specific models of multispectral sensors compatible with our client’s agriculture analytics software. We engaged pilots in our network for a contract lasting throughout the growing season from crop maturation until harvest. Depending on the crop, the pilots flew these farms 3, 6 or 12 times throughout the season. Deliverables for each individual site were as follows:


  • Fly at 60m (200ft) altitude maintaining a minimum 75% image front and side overlap
  • Utilize a UAS equipped with a sensor capturing near-infrared and red-edge wavelengths of light
  • Simultaneous RGB color image capture capability
  • Must maintain enough batteries charged in the field to fly up to 400 acres at 400 ft and/or the ability to recharge in the field such that 400 acres could be completed in an approximately 4-hour period around solar noon.


The data we collected enabled the intelligence of real-time growth thru mapping canopies (on an individual plant basis) and highlighting areas needing attention throughout the growing season for the farmer. This data supported the farmers in determining the necessary adjustments needed to maximize their revenue, as well as establish improvement plans for upcoming growing seasons. Most importantly, through our partnership, our client successfully achieved their business goals with their own existing clients, improved their business development efforts, and has permitted them to focus on their expertise: agriculture software analytics. This partnership continues to flourish and grow. It truly is a win-win-win for the farmers, the agricultural analytics software company, and DroneHive.

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