Along side Utah Valley University, we’re moving toward a better tomorrow. Learn how UVU’s Aviation Sciences and the College of Engineering & Technology are supporting the UAS industry.

In operation since 1988, the UVU School of Aviation Sciences has trained and educated thousands of FAA-certified pilots and aviation industry professionals. As our safety record and graduate job placement rate (over 92%) attest, uncompromising safety and top-notch quality are the themes of our flight training and academic curriculum. The flexibility granted through our online and on-campus course delivery options makes UVU an ideal choice for anyone with an interest in aeronautical careers. UVU offers bachelor’s degree programs in Professional Pilot, Aviation Management, and Aerospace Technology Management. There is also an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Science available to students.   UVU also support concurrent enrollment for high school students who can earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Aviation Science.  High school students can earn college credit while completing their high school graduation requirements.


Additionally, UVU utilizes UAS in a wide range of UAS applications to complete course requirements in a variety of degree program offerings.  Students utilize UAS equipment in fulfilling missions that require an aerial platform to collect data, inspect, and to film just as they would in the field.   Students learn and development professional competencies that involve mission planning, safety management, and operations specific to their career discipline, as well as compliance to federal aviation regulations, and equipment preventative maintenance and repair,.  UVU also offers introductory courses to unmanned aircraft systems and an aeronautical Knowledge for sUAS to earn their remote pilot certificate via FAR 107.  

UVU programs that utilize UAS is extensive, with more under development:

  • Aviation Sciences
  • Construction Management
  • Digital Cinema
  • Digital Media: Web Design
  • Earth Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geomatics

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