The DEFT Group

“Providing modern field solutions to the commercial and high net worth end of the property insurance spectrum.”
Managing partner of Deft Claims, Deft Consultants, and Deft Tech Solutions.

The Deft Group is the managing partner of Deft Claims, Deft Consultants, and Deft Tech who together provide complex claims handling (field and/or third-party administration services), consulting, dispute resolution, and advanced imaging solutions for our commercial and high-net-worth property insurer clients and the like. While headquartered in the Southeast, we are our clients’ first option for independent complex claims handling and consulting services nationally. Built and operated by claims professionals, Deft aggressively innovates while always placing customer service as top priority.


As career adjusters, Deft’s leadership observed firsthand the problems plaguing our industry for decades before committing to doing something about it. While certain bad actors’ actions undoubtedly created the demand, the policyholder machine that has arisen over the past 30 years now threatens the existence of property insurance as we know it. Deft’s ever-evolving understanding of the property insurance markets and commitment to constantly pushing the limits of efficient data capture and analysis enables us to provide our clients the information they require to better underwrite risk, more efficiently settle claims, and generally modernize property cover so that they may survive the next 30 years.

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