Real Estate

For commercial real estate investors and property developers with reach beyond a single geographic market, DroneHive is a valuable & trusted aerial services partner.


A private operator of mobile home communities throughout the United States enlisted DroneHive to capture aerial images and videos of their properties for use in their marketing materials and sales efforts.


DroneHive enlisted expert local remote pilots to fly dozens of mobile home communities throughout the United States. Each pilot utilized a multirotor equipped with a 20 megapixel sensor. Flights were planned around weather and safety of the community residents, in addition to coordinating with the property manager to ensure all residents were made aware of our activities. We standardized the “shot list” across all sites and coached the pilots on how to capture the value of each real estate asset. Deliverables for each individual site visit include:


  • A comprehensive high-resolution 2D map of the entire property
  • A video flyover demonstrating the aspects of the real estate and the surrounding area
  • 1 “Nadir” photo from 400ft to capture the entire property
  • 8 oblique images of the sides and corners


The client was able to utilize DroneHive aerial imagery and video to successfully sell more than a dozen aging urban and suburban properties at or above asking price in a shortened timeline. This allowed the company to reinvest in new and existing mobile home communities, which increased the value of their overall portfolio. This project added significant value to owners and shareholders alike.

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