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A major motion picture studio wanted to promote the release of a blockbuster film in a unique way. The idea was to fly a custom drone modeled after the main movie character, a flying elephant, at significant events where it would draw attention and “ooooh’s and aaaah’s” from the public and create a stir on social media.  Grassroots or viral marketing in addition to all the typical advertisements and commercials through mainstream media.


DroneHive sourced, onboarded, trained, and managed a team of expert local remote pilots to fly safe and compliant ground control stations for this aerial public relations/marketing stunt.  After practicing at local Remote-Control (RC) aviation parks, they also acted as pilots and visual observers during the primary flight operations.

  • The production company that created the flying elephant model came up with ideas on what type of events to target. South by Southwest in Austin, their target locations were a couple of airshows and a densely populated urban waterfront.
  • DroneHive identified qualified Part 107 pilots with strong RC aircraft manual piloting experience in each region.
  • DroneHive worked to identify suitable operation stations for these events and, once approved, worked with municipal governments for the planning and approval of the operation, even though, in most cases, none was required.
  • The teams arrived early and worked late, flying the model elephant aircraft as long as possible to get as many “views” from the public bystanders as possible.


The motion picture studio was thrilled with the “PR stunt” flight operations outcome.  Through in-person and social media impressions, we guess there were many million flight views worldwide. The ROI from the project to the film promotion was a huge success. The company is exploring more films to promote with flying characters in the future, now that the COVID Pandemic is over. There are significant public events where these operations can once again have the impact they did pre-pandemic.

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