USI Partners with DroneHive to Link Pilots with Employment Opportunities

Cincinnati, OH—August 8, 2018 — Unmanned  Safety Institute (USI) is entering into a strategic partnership with DroneHive, the leading provider of expert services for aerial data collection. DroneHive will be offering employment opportunities to students who successfully complete USI’s Small UAS Safety Certification™ and Visual Line-of-Sight Systems Operation Certification™, the unmanned industry’s leading safety education and training workforce development programs.

DroneHive is dedicated to operating at the highest levels of safety and compliance, embracing a safety management driven culture throughout all aspects of the business. DroneHive takes pride in employing the safest and most highly trained pilots to serve the needs of industries that include construction, energy, security, insurance, civil engineering, agriculture, real estate and property management, all of which regularly use surveillance and inspections. By using DroneHive to develop and manage aerial data collection, corporations don’t have to waste time trying to understand complex drone rules, regulations and safety.

DroneHive’s current network of 500 professional drone consultants and operators is expected to grow exponentially as they add Unmanned Safety Institute’s students to their network of specialists and will enable them to provide aerial data collection services to more organizations across the country.

“USI is dedicated to empowering educators and industry with the highest standards of education and training for safe and professional UAS Operations,” said Josh Olds, President of USI.  “We are honored that DroneHive has selected USI’s credentialing programs as the industry standard for safe and professional UAS operations.”

The Small UAS Safety Certification™ is comprised of four courses totaling over 180 hours of instruction. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take USI’s FAA-approved credentialing exam leading to the Small UAS Safety Certification, an industry certification demonstrating expertise in the safe and professional application of remotely piloted aircraft. The certification makes graduates highly qualified for careers in the burgeoning industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly referred to as “drones.” Upon completion, students are enrolled in USI’s Career Pathways Initiative, providing them with a direct link to employers that are looking for professional remote pilots. To date, more than 4,000 students have successfully completed the program which has already been approved by several State Departments of Education.  USI’s program is currently being taught in more than 150 schools across 11 states.

The Visual Line-of-Sight Systems Operation Certification™ is a detailed system of instruction which incorporates hands-on training techniques including curricula, facilities, instructors, check airmen, courseware, instructional delivery methods, testing, and checking procedures. This in-depth skill-based training program ensures that the pilot-in-command fully understands the aircraft systems, performance parameters, emergency procedures, emergency drills, FARs, the ATC system, meteorology and weather, Ops Specs, MELs, Launch and Recovery, and other special subjects.

“DroneHive is committed to offering our clients the best aerial data collection services across the country, and this begins with raising the bar for the abilities and safety management of our pilots,” said Paul Huish, Founder and CEO of DroneHive.  “Our decision to work with the Unmanned Safety Institute as both an education and certification partner stems from their industry recognized high certification standards.”


About Unmanned Safety Institute

The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) is the industry’s most widely recognized leader in flight safety solutions for individuals, enterprises, and organizations focused on integrating and operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for civil or commercial purposes. The Unmanned Safety Institute, widely recognized as “best-in-class” provides UAS flight safety training and certification to operational standards based on the adoption and modification of time-honored aviation safety practices.  With over 150 instructors and over 6,000 customers around the world, including several Fortune 500 enterprises, USI widely recognized as the global leader in UAS training and certification delivering the most highly-regarded training program of its kind.  USI is the only training and certification organization that is accepted by the FAA, endorsed by major aviation insurance providers, and whose training programs have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education.  Discover more at


About DroneHive

DroneHive is the leading provider of expert services for aerial data collection.  We help corporations and small businesses collect accurate aerial data, enabling them to make better and more efficient operational decisions. By using DroneHive to develop and manage aerial data collection, businesses have the ability to easily scale drone operations with confidence. Learn more at


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