It’s been a while, and we have a lot underway as we have already begun planning big things both operationally and developmentally for 2022 and beyond. 2021 has been an inflection point for growth realized by DroneHive and the UAS industry at large, and I’m sure you all feel the buzz in the air. More to come on that later. But for now, I need to address something that has become important to our clients as we begin to hire pilots at scale and deployments grow dramatically. What exactly makes a great remote pilot? What are DroneHive, and our clients, prioritizing when hiring for our teams and projects? It’s pretty simple, and I’ll break it down to make it clear to all those reading who are building their brand and looking for the best opportunities available:

  1. Positive Attitude: No one likes a jerk. No one wants to interact with one, let alone work with them. Keeping a positive, can-do attitude and treating others with respect will realize more higher-paying work opportunities.
  2. Professionalism: How you conduct yourself both on and off the job is very important to the people you work with. By being well polished in your professional interactions, you are demonstrating pride in your work. On the other hand, sloppy emails and poor communication indicate that the task is not a high priority.
  3. Reliability: Every sports fan, player, and coach knows: “the number one ability is reliability.” We need pilot partners we know will do what they say they will do, show up on time, and get the task done to the best of their ability in the circumstances presented. There is nothing worse than an unresponsive work partner.
  4. Technical Skills (and interest!): Number 4, you say? Why not number 1? We can train an eager “green” professional on most of the tasks we engage in. Interest in learning is almost more important than the technical skills themselves. Hiring someone who has a solid technical acumen is a benefit in most cases but not an absolute requirement.
  5. Cost: This is our last consideration. Most clients will pay extra for someone who excels in all the attributes listed above. The adage is often so true that you pay for what you get. Savvy customers understand this.

That’s it and pretty simple! And I’m sure most would agree – regardless of the industry. Be a good and kind person. There is enough negativity in the world today. (And if you want to do me a personal favor, stay off Facebook!)

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