Pollen Systems and DroneHive Partner to Deliver Drone-Based Precision Agriculture Across the United States

New Partnership Will Help United States Farms Improve Crop Vigor, Quality, and Yield while Reducing Labor Costs, Irrigation, Pests and Diseases

Bellevue, WA and Park City, UT—March 30, 2021—Pollen Systems, providing Advanced Agricultural Analytics services to farms, and DroneHive, the leading provider of expert services for aerial data collection, today announced a strategic partnership to expand drone-based precision agriculture services throughout the 52 states and territories of the United States.

Drones equipped with near infrared cameras provide extremely high-resolution images of farmland that can identify crop growth patterns and irregularities caused by water, pests, diseases, and other factors. Combining the images collected by the drones with Pollen Systems’ patented PrecisionView™ software, which applies algorithms and crop profiles specific to each variety, provides growers with actionable insight that can lead to cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per growing season.

“Sourcing drone pilots from DroneHive for our United States operations helps us accelerate our worldwide expansion,” said Keith McCall, founder and CEO of Pollen Systems. “Drones capture the needed images and data we need to generate actionable insights for growers. Our systems then interpret the images and in collaboration with farmers we address and fix crop issues.”

By using drones for scouting, Pollen Systems cuts the labor cost and time for detection of issues caused by water, pests and disease by up to 90%. A drone flyover over 100 acres takes less than one hour which could take days to inspect in person. The near infrared cameras integrated with the drones, combined with advanced software analysis, have proven to detect problems even the trained eye cannot see.

“There is tremendous opportunity to enhance farming by using drones,” said Paul Huish, founder and CEO of DroneHive. “Our partnership with Pollen Systems provides an easy solution for farmers to quickly and efficiently detect issues and focus their time on delivering the highest quality crops to market.”

DroneHive helps corporations collect accurate aerial data, enabling them to make better and more efficient operational decisions. The company has a network of more than 1600 drone operators in the US and operates more than 25 flights a day on average. By using DroneHive to develop and manage aerial data collection, corporations don’t have to waste time trying to understand complex drone rules, regulations and safety.


About DroneHive

DroneHive helps corporations collect high quality aerial data across the country. The company has more than 1600 professional drone operators nationwide, a perfect safety record after thousands of flights and competitive rates. Services include inspection, surveillance and other aerial data collection. DroneHive was founded in 2016 and is based in Park City, Utah. For more information, please visit: www.dronehiveinc.com


About Pollen Systems

Pollen Systems Corporation aggregates agricultural data from multiple data sources including drones, fixed wing aircraft, and ground-based sensors and applies patented advanced analytics to provide solutions to farms to enable crops to flourish and grow. Augmented by a sophisticated software analytics platform, we quickly and accurately scan plots of land with multispectral crop scouting techniques and provide advanced farming analysis to inform and instruct growers. Pollen Systems improves crop vigor, quality, and yield while reducing labor costs, irrigation, and pests and diseases.



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Pollen Systems
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