10 Tips for Running an Eco-Friendly Home-Based Business


Are you curious about what it would take to run a truly eco-friendly business? Maybe you’re cut out to be an ECOpreneur! Whether your new business plan will involve aerial data collection for environmental initiatives with DroneHive or selling products made with zero waste materials, these resources will answer your questions about forging a viable path to ecopreneurship.


Starting Your Business

Before you can officially begin running your business, you’ll need to take care of some paperwork.

  • First, outline a business plan that includes a roadmap for operating your new company.
  • To form an LLC, you can file according to your state’s regulations – for example, iStart Utah – through an online formation service.
  • Connect with service providers who are known for working with businesses focusing on environmental matters.
  • Start focusing on executing a marketing strategy that helps to educate your customers on environmental issues.


Avoiding Waste

Even when you’re working from home, it’s all too easy to be wasteful. Here are some tips for staying low-waste during the workday.

  • Go paperless in your home office! Organize and store your files digitally instead.
  • As you prepare meals and snacks for breaks during the day, try to stick to these guidelines to create a zero-waste kitchen.
  • If one of the tech tools you use for your business breaks down, you can recycle it through these special programs.


Lower Your Energy Usage

Running a business from home can drive up your energy bills if you’re not careful! These resources will help you avoid increasing your utilities usage.

  • Ready for a major home improvement project? You could consider hooking up your home to renewable energy.
  • You’ll need lighting sources to illuminate your workspace, so try relying on these eco-friendly options.
  • To maintain a comfortable home temperature and monitor your energy usage, install a smart thermostat.
  • Seal any air leaks in your windows to reduce drafts as well as your monthly energy usage. To find a local contractor to complete these repairs, search “leaking window repair near me.”

The future of business is eco-friendly. More entrepreneurs are responding to consumer concerns about the environment, and you can contribute to this positive change in the world of business. By operating a sustainable business from home, you’ll be able to minimize your company’s carbon footprint!

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